Creating a website quickly is an important skill for entrepreneurs, content creators and coaches. Deciding which platform is the most suitable for your requirements can be a challenge with so many options available. In this blog post we’ll explore the four best platforms to create website quickly: Squarespace, WordPress, Canva and Wix. We will compare each of them in detail before finishing with a comparison chart that makes choosing easier than ever. If you’re seeking the quickest route to establishing your enterprise online, then keep reading – it’s sure to be worth your time!

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Squarespace is an all-in-one website building platform that makes it easy to create a professional looking website. With its drag and drop interface, you can quickly and easily customize your site without needing any coding knowledge. Squarespace provides hosting services, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about establishing a server or searching for an internet host. Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of using Squarespace for your website:


• Easy to use – The drag and drop builder makes it simple to customize your site with no coding experience required.

• Professional templates – You get access to hundreds of modern designs that look great on desktop and mobile devices.

Squarespace provides useful search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities, including meta tags, page titles, and sitemaps for helping Google index your content.

• Hosting included – You don’t need to worry about finding a web host or setting up servers; everything is taken care of by Squarespace.


• Limited customization options – While there are plenty of design templates available, they may not be customizable enough for more advanced users who want full control over their websites’ appearance.

Squarespace does not facilitate integration with outside applications or plugins, apart from those featured in its App Marketplace.

If you decide that Squarespace is the right platform for you, here’s how you can set up a website in just four steps:

Step 1:

Register – Visit the Squarespace homepage and enroll with an email address or social media platform (Facebook/Google).

Step 2:

Choose Template – Select one from hundreds of modern designs tailored specifically for different industries such as business owners, photographers , bloggers , etc .

Step 3:

Customize Design– Use the drag & drop editor toolkit provided by Squarespaceto adjust fonts , colors , images , layout elements etc .

Once you have finished personalizing, press the “Publish Now” button in the top right corner to make your newly created website accessible on the internet.

Squarespace is a great platform for entrepreneurs and content creators who want to quickly create an aesthetically pleasing website. Yet, if you are after more personalization alternatives, WordPress could be the superior pick.

Key Takeaway: Creating a visually stunning, SEO-friendly website is effortless with Squarespace’s comprehensive platform. With its intuitive drag & drop builder, professional templates, hosting services included and built-in SEO tools you’ll be ready to take the web by storm.


Overview of WordPress:

WordPress is an open-source website building platform that provides users with a wide range of features and customization options. WordPress is a highly sought-after CMS, used for powering over one-third of the websites found on the web. With its easy-to-use drag and drop interface, WordPress allows users to quickly create beautiful, functional websites without needing any coding knowledge or technical skills. Moreover, a vast selection of plugins and themes are available to further tailor your website.

Pros and Cons of WordPress:

WordPress is renowned for its versatility, allowing users to create anything from small blogs to large ecommerce stores with ease. As your enterprise expands, WordPress allows you to scale up your hosting plan or add more features without having to start from scratch. However, there are some downsides too – while there are plenty of free themes available for WordPress sites they often lack the professional look needed for businesses trying to make a good impression online. Additionally, managing a larger website built with WordPress may require additional resources like hiring developers or designers if you don’t have enough technical knowhow yourself.

How To Create A Website With WordPress:

WordPress is a powerful platform that offers many features and customization options for creating websites. Canva offers a user-friendly experience that enables users to craft visually appealing websites with minimal effort.

Key Takeaway: WordPress is a great platform for creating websites quickly and easily, offering users plenty of flexibility to customize their sites. With its user-friendly interface and extensive selection of plugins and themes, WordPress allows for quick and easy website creation, but be prepared to scale up with the necessary technical resources should your site expand.


Canva is a popular design platform that can be used to quickly create beautiful websites. It’s easy to use, even for those with limited design experience. With its drag-and-drop editor and vast library of templates, it makes website creation a breeze.

One of the biggest pros of Canva is its user-friendly interface. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize any template you choose and add your own images or text in minutes. In addition, if you require guidance when beginning or want to get more sophisticated hints on taking advantage of the platform, there are many tutorials accessible.

Canva offers a range of plans to suit any budget, from the free plan with basic features to paid plans offering additional options. The free plan includes access to all the basic features while the paid plans offer additional options such as custom fonts, branding tools, and priority customer support.

On the downside, Canva doesn’t have many customization options when compared to other platforms like WordPress or Wix which give users more control over their site’s look and feel. Additionally, since most of their templates are geared towards creating graphics rather than websites they may not always be ideal for web design projects.

Despite its lack of coding proficiency, constructing a website through Canva is still quite straightforward. Nevertheless, don’t be put off. All you need to do is select one of their prebuilt website themes (or start from scratch), then simply drag elements onto each page until everything looks just right – it’s almost like playing an interactive game. Once complete all that’s left is adding content such as text blocks or images before publishing your masterpiece online for everyone else to see.

Canva is a great platform for creating visually appealing websites quickly and easily. Wix provides an abundance of customization choices to craft a more advanced website experience.

Key Takeaway: Canva is an intuitive and cost-effective platform for creating websites quickly and easily, allowing users to customize templates with its drag-and-drop editor. Although it lacks advanced customization options compared to other platforms such as WordPress or Wix, Canva still provides a great way of crafting beautiful sites without needing coding knowledge – just jump in and get your hands dirty.


Wix is a user-friendly platform that enables people to construct attractive websites without needing any programming expertise. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users of any skill level can quickly and easily design stunning pages. With its vast selection of customisable templates and images, you can create a stunning website in no time. Plus, Wix offers powerful tools such as SEO optimization and analytics tracking so you can monitor your website’s performance over time.

Pros and Cons of Wix:

Using Wix is advantageous due to its straightforward nature, allowing users of any skill level to create a visually appealing website without needing knowledge of HTML or CSS. The platform provides many free offerings, such as hosting and domain name registration. On the downside, some people may find the lack of customization options limiting when compared to other platforms like WordPress or Squarespace. Also, since Wix doesn’t offer many advanced features like ecommerce integration or payment gateways out-of-the box, these have to be added manually which could be quite cumbersome if you don’t have experience with coding languages like JavaScript or PHP.

How To Create A Website With Wix:

Creating a website with Wix is fairly straightforward; first, select one of their professionally designed templates from their library and then add content by dragging elements onto your page (text boxes, images, etc.). You can also customize each element on your page such as fonts and colors easily through their editor toolbar located at the top right corner of each page in preview mode. Once you are happy with how everything looks, click the “Publish” button located at the bottom left side corner which will make your site live on the internet immediately.

Wix is a great platform for entrepreneurs, content creators and coaches who want to create their own website quickly. With its features comparison chart and cost comparison chart, it can be an invaluable tool in finding the best option for your needs.

Key Takeaway: Wix is a great choice for creating an impressive website quickly and easily, without any coding knowledge. With their drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates and features like SEO optimization and analytics tracking, Wix has all the tools you need to get your site up in no time – just plug ‘n’ play.

Comparison Chart for Platforms

When it comes to creating a website quickly, entrepreneurs have several options. Squarespace, WordPress, Canva and Wix are all popular choices for building websites. Comparing features and costs is essential for choosing the right platform to meet your website creation needs. To help you make an informed decision about which platform to use for your website creation needs, we’ve created a comparison chart featuring the features and cost of each platform.

The Features Comparison Chart lists out the key features available on each platform such as hosting type (shared or dedicated), design templates available, drag-and-drop editors, SEO tools and more so you can easily compare what’s offered by each service provider. The Features Comparison Chart also outlines whether extra services, such as ecommerce capabilities, are obtainable on the platforms so you can decide if they fit your needs.

The Cost Comparison Chart outlines the different pricing plans offered by each service provider including monthly subscription fees as well as any discounts or promotions currently being offered that could save you money in the long run. This will allow entrepreneurs to get an idea of how much they would need to spend upfront in order to create their desired website with these platforms before committing themselves financially.

This comparison chart should give entrepreneurs the knowledge they require to pick which platform is most appropriate for their needs when establishing a website rapidly without spending too much.

Key Takeaway: As a proficient practitioner, I can confidently declare that this comparison chart is an excellent resource for business owners who want to swiftly build their website without spending too much. This comparison chart is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs who want to make a smart, informed choice regarding their website without wasting time or money – it gives them all the necessary information they need in one place.

FAQs in Relation to Best Platforms to Create Website Quickly

What is the fastest way to create a website?

The fastest way to create a website is by using an easy-to-use website builder. With these tools, you can quickly assemble a website tailored to your needs without any coding or technical skills. No coding or technical skills are required; just choose the features you desire, modify them using drag-and-drop editing tools, and make it available on the internet. Website builders also come with free hosting plans that make setting up a domain name fast and simple. In addition, they provide helpful tutorials so even complete beginners can get their sites online quickly and easily.

What is the fastest website platform?

The fastest website platform depends on the specific needs of your business. Generally, a CMS like WordPress is usually thought to be the most dependable and proficient decision for businesses needing rapid page loads and easy scalability. WordPress offers a user-friendly interface with extensive personalization possibilities, allowing for the creation of custom sites without any programming experience. Plugins can be utilized to easily and rapidly add functionalities without having to craft code from the ground up. Furthermore, hosting providers like SiteGround offer specialized services tailored specifically for WordPress users which further increase performance speed and reliability. Ultimately, if speed is your top priority then using a CMS like WordPress will provide you with all the tools necessary for creating fast-loading websites in no time at all.

What is the best platform for web development?

The best platform for web development depends on the project and its requirements. For larger projects, a popular choice is the open source content management system (CMS) WordPress. WordPress has a wide selection of themes and add-ons to personalize your website effortlessly, as well as solid safety measures. Other options include Joomla., Drupal, Magento, and Squarespace. Investigating each platform’s qualities and shortcomings is critical before settling on a choice. Ultimately, the best platform for web development will be determined by your specific needs and budget constraints.

Can you build a website in 2 days?

It is not feasible to construct a website within the span of two days. Constructing a website necessitates meticulous planning and implementation that takes effort and resources. An experienced professional may require up to several months for a comprehensive website, depending on its complexity. Additionally, even after completion there are often additional tasks such as testing and optimization which must be completed before launch. Therefore, it is not feasible to build a website in two days.


Platforms such as Squarespace, WordPress, Canva and Wix can be utilized to generate a website rapidly. Comparing the features of each platform will help you determine which one is best suited to your needs for creating a website quickly. After comparing all four options side by side with our comparison chart it’s easy to determine what the best platform to create website quickly is for you.

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to create a website, then look no further! With the right tools, you can quickly build your own site in just minutes.